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2 August

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Most of you may have seen this already on Ben Browder Network but in case you haven’t 🙂 I was asked for contact information from the Being people and received this message from one of the executive producers:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rickey and I’m an Executive Producer for the film Being. It
has come to my attention that all of you have reached out in various
ways seeking answers on our project that popped up on your radar on
July 31st. If you have not yet heard already, the whole Being team is
not only excited to work with Ben Browder, but to also engage with his
extended family of passionate supporters in a very meaningful way
after we have finished shooting. Our priority is to provide the best
experience and environment conducive to success. In other words, we
hope you are okay with us being a little selfish by keeping news close
to the vest until we have carried out our Director’s vision. We care a
lot about the talent who have dedicated their time and energy to us as
well as their respective management and representatives who were quite
pleasing to work with. We don’t want to let any distraction get in the
way of delivering the product you deserve. We hope you can understand.

In the coming months, we will make ourselves available to answer
questions through various platforms and we can’t thank you enough for
your interest. This isn’t a press release per se, but rather a
courtesy response. Thank you very much!


Rickey Gerard Perez


So now two Twitter missions for Ben fans : #farscapenow — retweet and share Ben or Farscape related messages,GIFs, or photos AND follow @BeingMovie and retweeet them (may be a bit as main filming begins August 14th).