"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

15 November

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Remember the fundraiser is ongoing! Donate today to help IAVA! Bad news that the veteran suicide film Ben has been attached to for years has been tabled again do to lack of funding. The producer wanted to go outside Hollywood and that is a difficult path. Good news to share as many of you have read Bad Kids of Crestview Academy will his theaters January 13,2017. This film is Ben’s directorial debut and he reprises his role as Max. Watch the newest trailer!

13 November

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Remember before you get caught up in holidays to think of our returning veterans. Over 500,000 soldiers have returned from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Each story is different. IAVA , Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is there for them. Ben fan Sylvrewolf , herself a vet, pointed out the lack of political connections this highly rated charity has which she sees a positive thing. In this country veterans are often used as pawns or props by politicians of all parties, so a group by veterans for veterans is a much needed thing. The group is especially focused on helping prevent suicide by those who have returned. These young men and women are strong but fighting an unseen enemy they were not trained to battle. So please make a donation for them. No minimum so skip you latte or monster drink. If you want to help veterans in your home country donate in Ben’s name and send me an email or tweet so I can let him know.

Donate !!!


11 November

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It is Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and the perfect day to kick off this year’s charity fundraiser which benefits IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. There is no minimum so please donate—-most of know someone or many fans have served themselves.

So let’s get started!

4 November

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1 week until the Ben Browder Charity Fundraiser for IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America so save your latte money!




1 November

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Two things to save your latte or beer money for ! The indiegogo page for a project Ben is attached to, 19, dealing with veteran suicide is now open. The goal is $1,750,000 which will be matched. I donated today —- there are perk levels I chose $25 which includes a poster by Spritelady . 

Second request for money will be the annual benbrowder.net charity fundraiser for IAVA , a veteran’s group that works to prevent suicides as well as many other services for veterans and their families. This will open 11/11 which is Veteran’s Day in the US and will run until Ben’s birthday on 11 December. There is no minimum!

I started this site called “Ben’s Den” in November 2000 because there was only one operational site at the time. BritAngie ran that one and we covered different things as we both learned about being webmistresses. I started it more for my own entertainment as my kids were in school and my schedule had me home often on school days with time to spare. I continue to do it for my enjoyment and continue to be surprised when I get emails from Ben fans around the world! Especially as new fans discover him. I am proud of my contributions to the Save Farscape campaign. This site raised well over $35,000 which placed ads in Variety,The Hollywood Reporter and USA Today.  So to remember I am posting a picture from the first convention , the ad from The Hollywood Reporter which ran 9/12/2002 and the first time I met Ben in 2001 at the Farscape Convention.







25 October

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Quick update regarding the annual birthday fundraiser. This year’s is for IAVA , Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. They have a rating of 3 stars out of  4 with Charity Navigator (here). Ben is linked to the film Freeze Frame now called 19 which deals with veteran suicide. There will be no auctions this year just straight donations. IAVA doesn’t have a virtual set up so I have a page that will launch 11 November and run until 11 December. Donations will be via PayPal and those who don’t PayPal can email me and we can work something out.

24 October

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This is just an editorial post. I am a fan who admires Ben and loves the fact he seems to be a devoted family man. His children are now adults but that doesn’t change my opinion that children of actors are not fandom fodder, even when it is positive. Children don’t choose their parents, if they choose the industry it is different. The bottom line for me is I admire this person so I respect if they don’t discuss their children (grown or not) in public.  Chatting in private is different than posting in public whether the comment is positive or negative. I love to speculate in private as much as the next person! All of us fans should think before we post!! We longtime fans love to share stories and info with new members of the fandom and if we say well he/she doesn’t talk about their kids/marriage etc it is not a brush off but respect.

Ok back to “speculation” !! No clues from Ben regarding the mysterious Vancouver project and I am starting to wonder if Vancouver was a red herring.

10 September

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Gotta love this! Not much news but Ben had said the wifi at this location is iffy but Brian Thompson got this to Instagram :


Actor Brian Thompson, Ben’s co-star on Hoax, posted this on his Instagram with this caption : 

brianearlthompson”Ben, could you get your pants on? We need you for the next shot…

You can see more photos etc by following Hoax the movie on Facebook and @hoax_movie on Instagram. Here is a sample……..

30 July

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A new Ben project for 2017 —- Hoax, a Bigfoot thriller directed by Matt Allen and written by Allen and Scott Park. Ben says he couldn’t turn down the remote Colorado filming location. As you all know this is not Ben’s first film that featured Bigfoot 😉


16 July

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I attended a showing of Outlaws and Angels in Dallas last night and am going to share my thoughts. The film is available also on iTunes and VUDU in the US. I highly recommend seeing it in the theater as it was intended if at all possible (besides The Eyes on the big screen are so worth it!).  I have been a fan of westerns since I was kid — all of them from Gunsmoke to The Wild Bunch. Two  of my favorites are both dark and slightly disturbing Hang ‘Em High and The Beguiled. Outlaws  and Angels falls into this darker category. Dirty, gritty, violent. The characters, all of them are well drawn, even those we barely encounter. To me the story really focuses on Florence (Francesca Eastwood) and her father George (Ben Browder). The arrival of the outlaws led by Henry (Chad Michael Murray) is the catalyst Florence needs to change her future. Secrets are revealed and the primary players all are affected. There is cold,calculated violence and there is very dark humor. Ben fans, as you know he doesn’t look like you have ever seen him nor is this his usual role. It confirms what we know that there is great depth to his abilities. The two outlaws that are part of Henry’s gang ( played fabulously by Keith Loneker and Nathan Russell)  also surprise in that they aren’t just two dimensional cronies, but rather are given some layers of their own. Teri Polo as the mother and Madisen Beatey as Florence’s older sister, also convince you they are of this strange family in the New Mexico territory. Francesca Eastwood utilizes any genetic gifts she has received from her parents (mom Frances Fisher is also in the film) along with her own skills to make Florence a character that  arouses both your compassion and fear.

There was a short Q and A after the Los Angeles showing and a few Scapers reported that the director said he would take criticism of the film but not his cast. Her is a photo of director/writer JT Mollner from the Q and A courtesy of tiggerscaper!