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13 May

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By now many of you have heard / seen the pictures of Ben kissing John Barrowman at Fedcon. I did not video this con as I try to respect the rules and they produce a dvd.  This con does an opening and closing ceremony with all the guests coming out on stage and saying a few words, Farscape was next to last (GiGi had left earlier and said thank  you and goodbye by herself).Ben and Claudia Black came out (to the largest cheers to that point. The were very gracious in their thanks for a great time. The last act was Torchwood and John Barrowman and Eve myles came out.  The actors had hugged/shook hands with each one who followed them. Ben and Barrowman start embracing and gets a bit more serious (and very “exaggerated”). They stop and Barrowman falls on the floor and Eve Myles straddles him to “revive” him. Crowd going crazy the whole time. They get up  and Ben(?) gives Barrowman a quick kiss. Not sure how we got to Ben “humping” Barrowman  —some was daning as there  was alot of dancing going on as well. This is just my memory which is likely faulty 😉