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30 April

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Here are the photo ops from OzComicCon. Action John is collecting Dr. Who companions. Here is Billie Piper who got a good laugh! Ben also mentioned on stage his most recent fanboy moment was getting her autograph! I also had him with Marina Sirtis courtesy of vinegardog. She looks amazing! If you have never seen her she is very Cockney and outspoken. She asked who it was and I said and her reply was “Oh the bloke who replaced RDA”  🙂


26 March

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I will be having the birthday fundraiser this year after a hiatus last year due to personal issues. There will be several auctions again of signed photos/items as these seem to be the most popular. The charity will be Alex’s Lemonade Stand . We have raised money for this charity before and it has maintained it’s high rating. The donation system is much more user friendly than many other charities and does allow Paypal which will allow auction winners to pay the charity directly as well as many fans who prefer Paypal. The page will open on 1 October and run until midnight 11 December. Ben fans have contributed almost $10,000 over the last few years to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House. So save some money for a good cause!

24 December

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Merry Christmas!! Happy Hanukkah to those ending their celebration!!  Reminder to US viewers Ben on CSI 12/28!


16 December

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I had a great weekend in Phoenix at the first Fan Fest. It was small but often that is nice. Many vendors and one room for talks. Longtime Scaper PK Patti took some great pictures :

FanFest2014_0147PKGweb FanFest2014_0220PKGweb FanFest2014_0364PKGweb FanFest2014_0358PKGweb FanFest2014_0607PKGweb


I don’t do a lot of con reports as others are usually more eloquent but sometimes I feel the need to comment. I have been seeing Ben onstage since 2000. I am not a starry-eyed fan as I grew up with friends,neighbors and schoolmates involved in the entertainment industry. I go to a variety of con panels for different shows. That said Ben continues to defy my expectations. After his panel he mentioned to a group of us that he feels like he has repeated some of the stories too many times. For many people this is their first time seeing him and hearing a story in person yet for those of us who have heard the story before it is usually told just enough different it is still fresh. To me that is a sign of a good performer. His enthusiasm for Farscape has not diminished and rings true as he answers questions. The way he handles the “taking over/replacing RDA” on SG1 is always great to experience as he allow the audience to know he hates the question all the while charming the fan asking with his answer. As a mom I would have hated to face a child with this ability! As for the Farscape movie there is currently no funding attached. I am uploading video to youtube but there are some great versions up so check them out!

28 June

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U.S. viewers don’t forget to vote! Even though most of us have the dvds new fans can discover Farscape from channelsurfing  🙂





27 February

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While we all await Farscape news, Ben’s upcoming appearance on Arrow, Dead Still here are some more pictures from the Farscape Convention 2001. Photos again courtesy of Bob Tebbe.  Enjoy!!



5 February

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Ben has confirmed he filmed another episode of Arrow. It is titled Suicide Squad and will air March 19th in the US — his character , Ted Gaynor, appears in flashbacks. As most of you know Ben had been up for the John Barrowman role when the Dr. Who guest role was offered. The Arrow producers liked him so brought him back as Gaynor. I am glad they found more use for him! I find Arrow hard going personally— I did enjoy the scenes with Barrowman or Paul Blackthorne.  I would like to see Ben on Revolution which has Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon as an executive producer this season.

11 December

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Happy Birthday Ben Browder!!!!!!


Most of us were introduced to this actor 15 years ago and are still following his career!! In the era of instant gratification and sound bites that is pretty amazing. There is still time to donate to Breast Cancer Research Foundation on the Ben Browder Birthday cause page. Your donation can be in honor of, memory of or in support of any individual you choose. 

9 December

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2 Days left to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation !!

 There are so many good causes out there and most of us have our favorites —- this charity was chosen to celebrate Ben’s birthday for a variety of reasons. The impact across the global fan spectrum, the personal connection (Ben’s wife had been diagnosed, doing fine at last report!), and BCRF is know for having 91% of funds raised go to the program. So give the gift of hope for a cure as the holidays near, make an end of year tax deduction, or give to make yourself feel better ( studies say giving releases feel good chemicals in the brain!) . If those reasons are too mundane how about our favorite actor is going to be 51 and pulled this off last August (thanks to @virkatjol again for the photo!)

19 November

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TOTAL = $1632 !!!!!!!!!!

The last two auctions should bring us over the $2000 mark which still makes us pretty short of the goal we reached last year. I can only say again this research benefits us all. Other drugs and applications are discovered in the process. A twelve year old girl in Arkansas was diagnosed with a brain eating parasite of which few in the world have ever survived after receiving a breast cancer drug that had anti-parasitic properties she is back in school and is the 3rd American known to survive. So I ask you all to donate even if it is just the amount of your daily coffee or other drink of choice. It may help someone you know someday! Donate by 11 December !!!

This is a teaser of the last auction—a digital painting by the Farscape fandom’s own Spritelady and signed by Ben!