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"blowin up things and kissin that’s what we call Drahma" Ben Browder

6 September

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The Amanda Tapping photo op! Action John has posed with all of SG1 except Richard Dean Anderson 🙂

6 September

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Have been at Dragon Con for the past few days—-no Ben Browder but several Crichtons 😉  I was the moderator of sorts for the Farscape panels which featured Virginia Hey. We drew bigger than expected crowds (Friday’s panel had people sitting on the floor!).  Ms. Hey was asked if Ben was involved in pranks on set. I loved her response : ” Ben was very focused–not on entertaining us (the cast) but rather on entertaining you(gesturing at the crowd)”.  I spoke with may people in lie asking how long they had been watching—-many only the last few monthes! I really hope studios are paying attention to that.