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24 November

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Happy Thanksgiving to all US fans!! I am thankful for all of you around the globe! The fundraiser just hit $307!!! Still a couple of weeks to donate. As I have said think of someone who spent the day ending it all, many despite having caring family and friends. IAVA the charity chosen has worked diligently on this , especially the Clay Hunt SAV Act. You can read about their efforts here. This is a cause Ben finds important as we all should. Many more young men and women will face this in the decades to come. So skip a frivolous Black Friday item and make a donation!

23 November

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Tomorrow Americans give thanks for what they have in their lives. It is a time of loneliness for many, especially those soldiers who have returned from war and having trouble being home.  War rarely ends for soldiers just by stepping foot on American soil. IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, are there for them to steer  them find the right kind of help for their unique situation. So make a donation for Ben’s Birthday — help us help them. DONATE YOUR THANKS 


15 November

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Remember the fundraiser is ongoing! Donate today to help IAVA! Bad news that the veteran suicide film Ben has been attached to for years has been tabled again do to lack of funding. The producer wanted to go outside Hollywood and that is a difficult path. Good news to share as many of you have read Bad Kids of Crestview Academy will his theaters January 13,2017. This film is Ben’s directorial debut and he reprises his role as Max. Watch the newest trailer!

13 November

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Remember before you get caught up in holidays to think of our returning veterans. Over 500,000 soldiers have returned from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Each story is different. IAVA , Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is there for them. Ben fan Sylvrewolf , herself a vet, pointed out the lack of political connections this highly rated charity has which she sees a positive thing. In this country veterans are often used as pawns or props by politicians of all parties, so a group by veterans for veterans is a much needed thing. The group is especially focused on helping prevent suicide by those who have returned. These young men and women are strong but fighting an unseen enemy they were not trained to battle. So please make a donation for them. No minimum so skip you latte or monster drink. If you want to help veterans in your home country donate in Ben’s name and send me an email or tweet so I can let him know.

Donate !!!


11 November

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It is Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and the perfect day to kick off this year’s charity fundraiser which benefits IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. There is no minimum so please donate—-most of know someone or many fans have served themselves.

So let’s get started!

4 November

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1 week until the Ben Browder Charity Fundraiser for IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America so save your latte money!




1 November

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Two things to save your latte or beer money for ! The indiegogo page for a project Ben is attached to, 19, dealing with veteran suicide is now open. The goal is $1,750,000 which will be matched. I donated today —- there are perk levels I chose $25 which includes a poster by Spritelady . 

Second request for money will be the annual benbrowder.net charity fundraiser for IAVA , a veteran’s group that works to prevent suicides as well as many other services for veterans and their families. This will open 11/11 which is Veteran’s Day in the US and will run until Ben’s birthday on 11 December. There is no minimum!

I started this site called “Ben’s Den” in November 2000 because there was only one operational site at the time. BritAngie ran that one and we covered different things as we both learned about being webmistresses. I started it more for my own entertainment as my kids were in school and my schedule had me home often on school days with time to spare. I continue to do it for my enjoyment and continue to be surprised when I get emails from Ben fans around the world! Especially as new fans discover him. I am proud of my contributions to the Save Farscape campaign. This site raised well over $35,000 which placed ads in Variety,The Hollywood Reporter and USA Today.  So to remember I am posting a picture from the first convention , the ad from The Hollywood Reporter which ran 9/12/2002 and the first time I met Ben in 2001 at the Farscape Convention.







24 October

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This is just an editorial post. I am a fan who admires Ben and loves the fact he seems to be a devoted family man. His children are now adults but that doesn’t change my opinion that children of actors are not fandom fodder, even when it is positive. Children don’t choose their parents, if they choose the industry it is different. The bottom line for me is I admire this person so I respect if they don’t discuss their children (grown or not) in public.  Chatting in private is different than posting in public whether the comment is positive or negative. I love to speculate in private as much as the next person! All of us fans should think before we post!! We longtime fans love to share stories and info with new members of the fandom and if we say well he/she doesn’t talk about their kids/marriage etc it is not a brush off but respect.

Ok back to “speculation” !! No clues from Ben regarding the mysterious Vancouver project and I am starting to wonder if Vancouver was a red herring.

12 September

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***********UPDATE 2************

I asked Ben if he would share his thoughts about what he remembered and here they are (with permission):


My most enduring moments from 911 are ones of compassion and hope. Horrible things happen and we are witness to the great wrongs that people can commit. In the aftermath, there was so much good and caring.
I saw the buildings come down, staring down the avenues of New York.
I watched the people stream North out of the city, rubble and dust covered, their eyes glazed in shock.
I walked through an eery and silent times square the evening of 9/11.
But what sticks in my soul was watching strangers and acquaintances caring for their fellows.
For every terror there is a balm in beauty.


Special thanks to Dani from Farscape.world who found the post!!!!!!!!!! I think I knew the coffee from Ben’s email to me—-

Ben, Claudia, David, and company safe in NYC
by Mary Wood – Wednesday, September 12th 2001

Category: Old News

Claudia Black just posted to the scifi.com bulletin board:

The purpose of this message is two-fold.
Firstly, thank you for a successful and very enjoyable convention tour.
Secondly we would like to send out our best wishes to everyone in New York. We walked into town and lit a candle on the steps of a closed church last night. What else is there to do but try and give blood and pray for everyone.

We are here in town until the planes start running and are being taken care of by a large and caring group of collegues from the Henson Group. So lucky to have members of our work family with us at this time.

As much as I have wondered how Aeryn would be dealing with this the very human me has been a little teary, a lot scared and very grateful to be alive.

Ben has plying me with chocolate and has firmly established himself as a real life hero.

Chick with gun and black tee signing out for now somewhere in nyc…..


This a flashback post to September 2001. There was a Farscape Convention held in New York City that year the week after the Burbank one. On that fateful morning of September 11th, Ben and his family as well as Claudia Black were at their hotel in the city, all planning  travel to the United Kingdom.  Claudia posted later in the week on the Scifi Channel Farscape board (under her handle chickwithagun) that she was fine and Ben had brought her coffee and chocolate. This site posted a message from Ben that they were alright as well.  I misplaced discs containing many of my old posts and at times like these am very annoyed at myself!! I also didn’t foresee still running this in 2016! Below is a classic photo from that con courtesy of CaScaper Sandy who attended.


10 September

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Gotta love this! Not much news but Ben had said the wifi at this location is iffy but Brian Thompson got this to Instagram :


Actor Brian Thompson, Ben’s co-star on Hoax, posted this on his Instagram with this caption : 

brianearlthompson”Ben, could you get your pants on? We need you for the next shot…

You can see more photos etc by following Hoax the movie on Facebook and @hoax_movie on Instagram. Here is a sample……..