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14 April

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Transcript of Ben’s responses to the questions from Stargate Command interview (Parts 1 and 2). It is classic Ben and the interview is very casual with the three actors Ben, Beau Bridges and Chris Judge ( sort of hosting) very comfortable and laughing a lot. The last 2 parts will be completed next week. The access for 1 month is $20 USD and if you are a big Stargate fan likely worth it.  

Chris Judge : How did you get into acting?

Ben : (following Beau Bridges who refers to his Dad getting him into acting) I didn’t have any familyin the business. I didn’t know anyone when I was growing up that was an actor. I grew up in North Carolina. I went to college in South Carolina. And you are talking about the sixties, seventies when I grew up. But I had a friend who was into the “theatre” when I was in junior high school. He’d say come do a play and like Beau I was, you know, I was playing football, basketball, baseball, track. Then I played football in college, oh I guess all of us did our college athletic tour.

Chris Judge : Well some us went to Furman (referring to Ben) and some went to Oregon but but continue ( with humor)

Ben : Absolutely (laughing)My concussions are as good as your concussions trust me.

Chris Judge : Isn’t that the truth!

Ben : You know the University of South Carolina and Georgia Tech gave me my share. But when I was in college I’d continue doing theater ever — I’d do a couple of plays a year and of course the football coaches thought I was insane! And probably, you know not oriented in their direction. But I was I was I got talked into ( looks off camera and says that’s code for gay) Browder why are you spending so much time in the theater? Some of the fellas are worried. I literally got called into the coach’s office and he said “Browder some of the guys are concerned about the time you are spending in the theater.

Chris Judge : No!

Ben : Oh yeah. And I said what do you mean coach? And he went, You know in the theater. And I said Coach there’s 110 guys in this locker room, and they have girls in the changing room at the theater. And he weny Oh, okay I guess that’s alright. But later so I got talked into taking an acting styles class, which you know I had never taken an acting class in my life. And members of the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) did a week long workshop–

Chris Judge : Okay so you can’t just give abbreviations – Just go ahead

Ben : Okay so the RSC is the Royal Shakespeare Company. Ok, so in England, in the U.K. they send a touring company around the States and it’s a half dozen actors. And they do – we do scene work, and then we watch their productions and we talk about stuff. And I was doing scenes with members of the RSC, some Shakespeare. And at the end of the week I took a couple of the actors to one of the football parties. And we’re sitting around the keg because the drinking age was 18 in those days, and I said so do you think I can make a living at this? And they said Absolutely. And I went Ok. So I finished playing college football, and I went out and started trying to find a gig somewhere. And I was doing summer stock. And I was singing and dancing in the chorus.I was, you know, trying to pick up extra work somewhere on a on a film. And one of the guys I was in a dressing room with had an application for RADA. I said wek what is RADA? It’s the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. I said Where’d you get that? He goes Well, I am not going to use it — here take it. So I took the application, I sent it in, and I went to visit my brother, who was in the Army in Germany, and stopped in London and auditioned for RADA. I didn’t get in, but while I was there I hooked up with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Webber Douglas, LAMDA,all the English schools, Guildhall and I auditioned for a number of those. And I got into a couple of them. So I went to Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and did the classic English route, where I trained for three years and did nothing but learned – learned the craft, which is exactly how it’s , it;s viewed in England (looks at Beau who said acting is a craft not an art). It’s viewed as a craft, you know. I never – never thought about anything beyond where I was, which is well let me learn this. So I started – I started there. So I got into it by accident, happenstance and other people are saying What about this?

Chris Judge : Wow

Ben : And so yeah

Chris Judge : mm so what was your first gig in America?

Ben : Uh I left drama school. I did a small part in Memphis Belle and then, there was a transfer from the West End to Broadway of the Merchant of Venice with Dustin Hoffman. Peter Hall directed it and Judi Dench had directed the last show I did at drama school. So Judi worked with Peter and I knew exactly his style , how he liked the verse spoken. So when I went in to audition for him and he said but you’re an American and I was doing it English because I was playing English all through drama school anyway. And he goes, you know, well yeah great I want you to join the cast when you go to New York. So I went — my first gig in America was on Broadway.

Chris Judge : Wow

Ben : Mostly carrying a box and understudying, but it was still a gig, And I was standing on a Broadway stage, which you know, when you are coming out of from where I came from, where I didn’t even know a working actor, I was I was somewhere — I was in The Land of Oz you know. I was Through the Looking Glass down in Alice in Wonderland time, so. It was just a world away from anything I ever thought.

Chris Judge : On to the Stargate stuff — did either of you interact with your predecessors?

Ben : I did. I can’t wait for this one. The first thing I did was I watched all eight seasons of the show–

Chris Judge (laughing) : Okay wait. So okay we have okay we have a story. Tell how we first met. Do you remember?

Ben : I am trying to remember was it when did we first meet? The first time we ever spoke..

Chris Judge : I just happened to be going to the production office before we started season eight and the production meeting room was full of people. I’m like that’s odd. Like I wasn’t told about a read through or a production meeting or anything. So I just go in and say Hey why is everyone here? I see Browder like —

Ben : I remember this now, yeah

Chris Judge : And my first words to Ben were You already got the job quit kissing ass. Those were our first words and what did you say back?

Ben : I don’t remember

Chris Judge : I don’t remember either! But i thought we are going to get along great.

Ben : I think it was something like why don’t you bleep off Jaffa! Anyway so I watched all eight seasons and thought this is going to be fun. So I called Richard Dean Anderson. I called Rick and said so give me the lay of the land. What’s it like up there? And I got Rick-speak (laughter from the other two) Basically we talked for 20 minutes and he told me nothing.

Insert of clip of Mitchell and Landry saying Didn’t Jack tell you?

Chris Judge : So after 20 minutes did he say Who is this?

Ben :: He is like why are you calling? But I understand because I , you know I’d just come off a scifi show, and I know how scifi, science fiction fans feel about their shows and particularly the characters they love. And I was you know when I showed up to play Cameron Mitchell there’s two things I was aware of. One it is that I am coming into a team which had already been operating effectively for 8 years, that being Stargate as a production and you guys (indicating Judge) the actors, directors and everybody else. And the other thing is that I didn’t think the fans would be the least bit interested in someone who was trying to replace Richard Dean Anderson. So very early in the show, the first episode in the script, at the end of the first episode the screen direction is And we push in on Cameron Mitchell’s face. And you I was having the discussion when we shooting thethe scene, I said,Don’t let’s not push in on my face. Please don’t push in on my face. You can push past me and show the Gate because this show is about the team and it’s about the gate. And I don’t want the audience or anyone else to think that I am here to replace Richard Dean Anderson, that was my take on it, that it was becoming part of a team, not replacing Richard Dean Anderson which is a question that I’ve answered repeatedly at conventions. “How did it feel to replace Richard Dean Anderson?” You don’t replace Richard Dean Anderson. His name was above the titles. You know
and he was the guy for 8 years. And you don’t walk into a place and you know, assume the role of Papa Bear.

Chris Judge : Ben what were you reaction, observations when you first started working with us and our lack of traditional

Ben : well, what I remember is that, you know, I think it was and it may have been my first day on set was that you and I had a walk and talk and you had all the dialogue! Which is not traditionally Teal’c’s job. And you know it was — it was awesome. You would have to speak for 3 paragraphs and I would go Now what about this? And watching your frustration in having to say all the words, and I am just kind of walking along and enjoying it and you getting more and more pissed off. And the — but the other thing is that if is that I would do stuff and you would go you’re not going to do that. Really, really you are not going to do that. We were locked in that room in the with the (hands up and down –shrinking ceiling)and you started shooting the script is you shoot the gun at the wall. And I am going whoa, whoa, whoa man. I felt like it was very friendly like challenging. It was like okay can you step up to this game? This is our game. This is how we play it. Now are you ready to step up. And you know and here is the thing. It’s like my first day working with Beau how to, Beau is challenging to work with as well because he knows, technically heis about smart as they possibly come. So if he wants to do a scene a certain way, he will do stuff and you’re like That sucker just made the scene go. Day one and he is like , I’m like – He is forcing the cut. The man is forcing the cut. I remember saying to you(Beau) I don’t know if you remember me saying this or not I know what you are doing. I know what you are doing because I have a scene and of course you walk into a scene and you go The scene is all about me right? So I walked into the scene and it’s all about me and Beau walked into the scene and it is all about him. You know who won? (points at Beau). So you know he is doing this stuff where he is moving around the room right? And it’s like the director —(looks askance at Beau) did the director know or not that he was forcing the cut and I’m like He’s totally forcing the cut cause look he is moving on his line. Now they are going to have to move with him. They’re not going to cut back to me. I knew exactly what was going on so I said okay here’s my answer, I am not going to move at all. I am going to stay so still that they are going to that they won’t know when to cut away from me because I am not even going to blink because normally they cut on a blink or a head turn. They’re going to have a problem here, but it was wonderful because I just went Wow this man knows the craft of the camera and how these things work.

When Beau Bridges was explaining part of what made him accept the role was he would be allowed to help “form” the character. Ben interjects about Party of Five :  I once I once was on a show and I had been on the show for 10 episodes before I found out my character was racist. It was Oh by the way you’re racist. I’m like what? I’m a what? And we’re writing you out. Like you’re killing him off for being a racist? It was, like, it was awful. If you, like, I have been playing this person and I didn’t have I didn’t have a racist thought in my head. And the audience is going , Yeah I knew it! I knew it all along. Look at his blue eyes.

Some photos that I am adding to accompany the talk —- mosy of the video is Ben looking to his right at Beau Bridges and Chris Judge so I am adding one from the front step at London (now Royal) Central School of Speech and Drama and  from the Broadway Playbill.




11 April

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A bit of a hodgepodge today! First : no updates on Ben’s completed projects but hope springs eternal πŸ˜€ Second : the #farscapenow campaign continues despite no news. It takes a few minutes a day on Twitter and continues to slowly grow. I have faith especially after the interview from December released for the Anniversary. Third : Stargate Command has released a multi part interview with Ben, Beau Bridges and Chris Judge. There is a $20 fee for approximately 1 month. The final installment of the interview is scheduled to release this coming Saturday — I hope to do a transcript for those like me that chafe at joining πŸ˜€ Ben looks great — fit and ready to reprise Crichton or the Sovereign Admiral !

22 March

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Lovely interview on syfywire looking back at the end of Farscape featuring Rockne O’Bannon, Andrew Prowse and Ben. What always strikes me is the pride everyone who worked on Farscape still has about the work they did. It still rings true. I attend many panels of different shows and you usually hear the people talk about they miss the people they worked with and having fun. After all these years I love reading that the things that impacted me as a viewer are also things these creative people are proud of! Be sure and leave a comment on syfywire or tweet the writer we need to let them know we want to read more on Ben and Farscape !

Important passage for the #farscapenow peeps :

Browder: The eternal question is where are they now? What are they doing now? Still flying around with a spaceship with a gaggle of kids? Imagine raising kids on a spaceship with that crew. That would be pretty awesome. It’s a little more like Lost in Space, but only twisted.



12 March

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#ManCrushMonday #BenBrowder #smitten

Now that I have your attention — next Monday March 19th is Farscape‘s 19th Anniversary. There is going to be a Tweet surge at 8 PM ET/ 2000 GMT. Now matter your feelings on Twitter or future Farscape take time to join in and say Happy Anniversary Farscape ! Please include our #farscapenow hashtag so the Farscape love can be seen. Name you favorite episode, share a GIF or photo whatever you like. Show your Scaper pride with one of the #IAMFARSCAPE designs from SpriteLady found here. Share your name or handle ( especially if you were on the Dom back in the day!), job (defy stereotype scifi fans are tech people, moms,nurses, teachers, bankers, soldiers etc) and #IAMFARSCAPE #farscapenow . Twitter is easy and anonymous so if you have questions email me at angie@benbrowder.net and I will help you get ready!

To get in the mood check out this interview with creator Rockne O’Bannon done last December to commemorate the anniversary. Be sure and thank the author!

***Also fan contact info here per The Man, Gersh a busy agency so send fan mail don’t call or email.



6 December

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Netflix US has released Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 which features a cameo by Ben in case somehow you missed it! So add commenting on that to your tweets  and tag @Netflix and @JamesGunn. 

30 September

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Can I get a Hell yea??!!

While we wait for release dates for Ben’s projects in post production, Hoax and Being, and any new projects I have a couple of links for new fans.  Farscapeworld and karlsweb are great pace to experience the series as it aired. So re-watch an episode and check out what people said 17 years ago before binging was a TV term! 

I also want to note the timeline from Farscape‘s cancellation to the airing of The Peacekeeper Wars for those getting depressed about the #farscapenow campaign.

—-Farscape cancelled September 2002

—-The Peacekeeper Wars begins production December 2003

—-Official  announcement that SciFi Channel will air The Peacekeeper Wars May 2004

—-The Peacekeeper Wars airs October 2004

I leave you with CaScaper Bob’s tribute from the 2002 Farscape Con —- Time of Your Life

Hashtag surge Sundays 7 pm ET/ 1900 London time bring your favorite GIFS, photos or just retweet/repost! 

6 September

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I want to thank all those working to help us get more #farscapenow !! More names showing up all the time and the internet is a better place with all those photos of Ben! Keep it up! There have been retweets by Ricky Manning and Gigi Edgley. Likes by Claudia Black and Anthony Simcoe. To those who oppose the campaign I would like to ask you to go to Netflix (as well as Amazon and Hulu) and just ask for Farscape back on their menu as well as PK Wars which they never showed. 

I attended Dragon Con 2017 last week and was happy to see some Farscape cosplays and even a grumpy guy who wore different saveFarscape shirts each day but opposes the campaign :p 

Action John was busy photo opping with Gigi Edgley, Lesly-Ann Brandt, and the Queens of Reign — Adelaide Kane,Megan Follows, and Rachel Skarsten. All were great sports ! All I ever say is do what you want πŸ™‚


14 August

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Filming Being begins today ! Looking forward to this independent film which I hope makes it to theaters. I prefer the theater experience for most films as I feel it draws the audience in more. Farscape and X Files are the two shows that drew me in so that I forgot about the laundry and vacuuming that surrounded me!  That said this story intrigues me so I will watch no matter the format and likely would even if Ben wasn’t in it.

To all participating in the hashtag-a-thons keep it up!! Each days we see some new names! Don’t do social media? Go old school look up email addresses or physical addresses of the streaming companies and send your wish for more Farscape. Give them demographics and mention if you are a subscriber or would become one. Same with the various blogs who all seemed excited that James Gunn mentioned Farscape but have not followed that up with a look back. I have found many of these writers prefer social media contact so good luck and post your successes! I have sent some emails and have had no luck but our online presence is still just a tiny blip. There are Facebook groups with 3000 members yet only a handful posting if that. I realize many people just check pages now and then and it doesn’t reflect what kind of fan they are BUT it does send a message that yea people say they want more but where is the interest? All of you that say you don’t see why there is no kickstarter and you would donate I have to wonder if you really would since it is more effort than posting or emailing. For me this provides a great distraction from all the negative news —- take an hour now and then and think about Farscape and the emotions and positive moments either alone or with fellow fans. The social media campaigns are what they look at —- Everwood, Jersey Shore response to articles or blurbs motivated fans. 



11 August

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Join in the hashtag-a-thon nightly at 8pm ET(US). This weekend Europeans at 2000 London time. Australians,New Zealanders, Asia, Pacific Rim —you choose which one suits your schedule! Post images,memories,desire for more new Farscape. Target entertainment bloggers/sites like Gizmodo,Nerdist,EW,IGN and SYFYWire and any you follow. Also tag streaming services that produce there own shows like Netflix,Amazon,Hulu,Starz, and HBO. Use the social media you prefer whether it is Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, tumblr or whatever! Just use the hashtag #farscapenow. Remember you can post with the hashtag on the Farscapenow Facebook page if you don’t want it on your own timeline.

The November after Farscape was cancelled at the Farscape con David Kemper’s idea was take out a full page ad in USA Today to show we were serious fans. I raised enough money, $28,000, to get a 1/3 page ad that ran in the  weekend edition the Friday the last of the season 4 episodes began airing. The advantage to social media is we can keep Farscape’s name out there and hope it reminds fans who have moved on that they miss that quality, they miss the characters that they cared about. As more join it will hopefully trigger the journalist/sites to do a feature or two on Farscape. Interest in something will have the studios/investors weighing it’s future. So take a few minutes each evening or do some retweeting during the day. 


6 August

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First I want to thank all who are getting active in the #farscapenow campaign. It is easy to do, free and takes just a few minutes a day. On any social media you use just post something about Farscape and use the hashtag #farscapenow. It can be a photo, a retweet, or a reblog. Instagram pic a favorite photo or personal art and hashtag it. There is a surge today at 6 PM ET(US/Canada/South America). There is also a surge at 1800 London (UK) time. Get out your dvds and tweet or post a rewatch during that time if that works for you. If you don’t want people to see on your Facebook feed then you can post on the Farscapenow page. 

Second to all those who think  the actors too “old”. Star Trek made a comeback over a decade after being cancelled in an era without the Internet.Shows like Everwood, Gilmore Girls and Full House being given new life. Yes these are far cheaper to produce. The X Files (my first fandom and one of the first shows to value the internet fan interaction) had a successful short season last year and begins filming another soon. Yea Gillian Anderson looks older as she should as much time has passed (she is still beautiful and still Scully). Duchovny has aged a bit less gracefully but is still Mulder. Ben and Claudia Black have aged little but enough to believe time has passed. Gigi Edgley looks like she was frozen in time.  If one wants pretty faces and abs then Farscape was never the show for you (and I bet our actors have the abs but can also act!).

Thirdly is this a waste of time? Who knows? I would like to think not. Everwood was a good show but who would have thought revival? Farscape fans, many new to the show in the last few years cosplay around the world at conventions. Ben Browder filled a room to standing capacity in Birmingham, UK the morning after a terror attack two hours away this past June. The people running the con thought there would be a drop in attendance but the room surpassed the crowd for Robert Patrick who was the guest before him. Mostly new fans fans since the show was cancelled. Plans I endorse will be posted or tweeted (@Action_John) or Instagrammed by me but it is a grassroots movement so if you have an idea run with it and hashtag it! Yes there is a little used Instagram account as I hate cel phones —  benbrowdernet

Photo above from Twitter June 2017