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12 May

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This is going to be brief. I am fairly cynical and I continue to be proven wrong each time Ben gives a performance at a con. Happily so I might add ! The schedule yesterday got behind with Ben and Claudia Black coming on stage a bit after 9 pm. They were on stage over an hour. Garrett Wang  is the emcee and is a new Farscape fan. It is funny to watch him as he is wanting to ask “fan” questions!  The costume contest here at Fedcon has longer time for the performances (the Space Ball group was amazing) than cons I have attended and it ran over. Next ting you know Ben was in the crowd and starts talking. This is a large , two-level auditorium. Garrett joins him with a mic saying he doesn’t think anyone has done this at Fedcon before.He said Ben had said “Watch Claudia’s purse and left”. Several minutes pass and Claudia joins them on stage. She explains she had to use the bathroom as the costume event had gone on so long and Garrett promised her they wouldn’t start without her.  More later!