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4 August

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I attended the first Farscape con with some trepidation. Would they have been “encouraged” to attend by SciFi  and affect
ennui I had witnessed at Star Trek cons (these actors have since learned to embrace these events) or be enthusiastic like X File star Gillian Anderson and just enjoy the experience.  It was the latter. Every guest from actor to writer had big grins and ran over their time. Five years later over 3000 sat in San Diego, most of us arriving early before the first panel jockeying for better seats as the day went on. We sat through many panels.  Often these are quick sell deals for the network and flash thrills for the fans. The heartfelt pride the panel which featured Brian Henson, Rockne O’Bannon, David Kemper, Ben  Browder and Claudia Black all felt over this project which they had four plus years to (more in the case of Henson, O’Bannon and Kemper) was still evident. All fans feel this about their panels I know but to this day no one involved mocks or makes light of the work they did on Farscape. Did things ever not go to plan? Of course. Antics? Anthony Simcoe — enough said 🙂 Never do you hear yea they didn’t care that the character wouldn’t say/do that or the producers said just say your lines. Fans like to hear that the characters they have invested time in have been respected by those who bring them to life, that producers/writers say the fans will take the ride with us as opposed to the fans will just have to accept what we give them (said by an exec producer writer of another cult show in an interview). The TV industry has changed. It is trendy to have the casts Tweet live during episodes. The Farscape people visited chats in 2001 and sometimes just dropped in or were there “cloaked”. They get it. Kemper and Manning would challenge fan statements and engage in dialogue over plot/character points. Farscape is a show that would do well in today’s TV world in my opinion as a viewer.  We need, we want more #farscapenow 

Special thanks to musicalgal for the photos above and surfwidow for the one below 🙂 CaScapers still rule!

25 November

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Only 3 weeks left to donate! Many thanks to those who have including our auction winners!! The auction totals aren’t reflected in the total yet—so the “real” total is $884. Remember a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation makes a great gift for a family member, bestie or a Ben fan !!  The final auction item is a Gillian Anderson signed special photo. Remember ALL proceeds to the fundraiser and shipping ANYWHERE is FREE! She was so sweet when Action John photo- opped with her in London!

3 October

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The first of the auctions to benefit Ben’s Birthday Fundraiser starts today!  When in London I had Ben sign a picture of him in Dr. Who for this and he included a line! The auction starts at $50 which is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s figure for 1 hour of research time and will end next Wednesday. Future auctions will include Farscape , Amanda Tapping, and Gillian Anderson items.

11 July

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I  am back home after a great vacation in London.  I prefer hearing the actor’s talk and photo op/autographs second.  Ben is great on stage yet I understand the financial draw of the second. I am surprised at the fans who rate the autograph time highest. I guess I am cynical—even Ben who is very gracious can’t remember every person! Many people I spoke to assumed San Diego Comic Con means photo ops/autographs with all the guests. It is more marketing products than fan interaction. There are signings etc  but nothing like at the smaller comic cons. The talk at the LFCC gave us new info such as Ben attended London Central School of Speech and Drama with Chris Eccleston, the 9th Doctor (and my modern favorite).

Here are Action John’s new  photos:


1 July

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Getting ready for London Film and Comic con! My Ben photo tickets have arrived!! Action John will be photo- opping with Gillian Anderson and  Janet Fielding (she was Tegan Jovanaka companion to the fourth and fifth doctors). I will probably choose another when I am there as they have added some more guests. I am going to attempt to tweet any talks Ben participates in — I will post more details next Friday.

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