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6 December

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Netflix US has released Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 which features a cameo by Ben in case somehow you missed it! So add commenting on that to your tweets  and tag @Netflix and @JamesGunn. 

20 September

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Fellow longtime Scaper Nora and I are predicting Ben’s return in Guardians Volume 3. This is based on absolutely nothing except that Elisabeth Debicki is signed 😀 The script is not complete and we all know how Marvel is about non-disclosure agreements. The principles are signed through Volume 3 and I imagine filming will be completed before a list sans surprise cameos will be available. Since Ben would be reprising my hope is we may see his name at that time. Since Gunn may not follow the comics who knows if the Queen will be with the other Sovereigns at all. Until then and while we wait for Hoax and Being to be released it is fun to speculate!! 

Farscape fans be sure and check out Elizabeth Debicki’s series The Kettering Incident (US viewers it is on Amazon) directed by Rowan Woods.

Continue your hashtagging!!! #farscapenow

3 August

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What a moment when two men who have admired each other’s work get to take a few minutes  and discuss a shared passion — Farscape. I think we all would love to see James Gunn leave his mark on Farscape in the future! Thanks to Scaper Patricia for the spot! #farscapenow


#GotGPicoftheDay One of my favorite #scifi shows of all time was #Farscape. So when I ran into the show’s star, Ben Browder, a couple of years ago at the Saturn Awards, I asked him if he’d make a cameo in #guardiansofthegalaxy. He thankfully agreed and can be seen as the Sovereign Admiral with Ayesha. He’s a great guy. Here we are chatting Farscape #behindthescenes. #movies #movie #gotg #gotgvol2

12.3k Likes, 83 Comments – James Gunn (@jamesgunn) on Instagram: “#GotGPicoftheDay One of my favorite #scifi shows of all time was #Farscape. So when I ran into the…”


10 May

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I just want to express my thanks to all who stopped by and read the interview with Ben about Guardians. The over 500 of you!! I have had this for almost 17 years and it is for fun. Ben is a class act and I would say we are discerning fans. I hope, as I am sure many of you do as well, that this cameo will lead to more exciting projects. We know he is the original Star Lord. I get how Hollywood thinks, I don’t agree but I get it. I watch a lot of British and Australian TV and find it interesting that not every story is changed to have a 20 something lead. I also get that studios want a “bankable” star for films they are investing millions if not hundreds of millions. Emma  Watson is a fabulous actress yet Beauty and the Beast would have worked with an unknown or lesser known actress. An actor draws his or her base in but many people react to the idea shown in a trailer or described in a blurb in my opinion. Granted not sure if it was my checkbook I would trust viewers that much but I like to think good acting and good stories sell themselves as much as an actor’s name. I go to James Bond films no matter who plays Bond. I am not going to the New Mummy film because all of Tom Cruise films blend together as a series of stunts and effects and his “don’t worry we’re going to get out of this face” (and he should have never played Jack Reacher despite owning the rights!). Sermon over!

Until  Hoax is released ( not sure of the distribution details at this point) in March we can re-watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 🙂


9 May

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I had the chance to ask Ben a few questions about his experience with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. I did a quick poll of people on a Farscape page of what they wanted to know and most of us had similar questions but a special shout out to Josh D for the Marvel question!

1) We have seen James Gunn’s tweet that he had told you at the Saturn Awards he wanted you in Guardians 2 but he didn’t think you believed him. How did it unfold?
Ben : I introduced myself to Gunn at the 2015 Saturns… Surprise! (or not) He knew Farscape. I gushed about GOTGvol1, then accused him of pilfering my sock drawer for material.  He mentioned finding a spot for me in GOTGvol2, we snapped a selfie… hugged it out.  Lo and behold, 2 years later, James Gunn is a man of his word.  Deep respect for him.
2) You were already of fan of James Gunn before the Guardians so how was the experience of working with him? Did you choose the Admiral’s “voice” or was it suggested?
Ben : Admirals voice was cued by the fact that all the Sovereign sounded English. Yes, I’m a fan of Gunn… Slither is awesome. His writing is always sharp and clever.  And GOTG was spectacular
***After seeing the film I mentioned loving hearing PK John’s voice (as many online have also commented!) this was Ben’s response since so many seem to have missed my previous post —Actually the accent was more Laurence Olivier-ish from the Battle of Britain (retro-RP) than PK John (Pseudo-aussiefied-Americanized RP), but the British are very snippy about their own versions of “English” dialects. Americans will endure the Brits mutilating our dialects with abandon and never take note. 
3) What was the make up prep like and how much of the sovereign set was CGI? 
Ben :  Make-up prep was pretty straight forward… I sat in a chair and they painted… Becoming solid gold is less time consuming than becoming Scorpy. The Sovereign set was half practical… saying which half would reveal trade secrets.
4)Did you interact with the main cast at all? You are the original Star Lord after all to many of us!
Ben : I’m more like Star Lord’s trailer park uncle. I met some of the Guardians briefly.
4) And from Scaper Josh — What is your favorite Marvel comic/movie and why?
Ben : As a kid… The Amazing Spiderman and The Fantastic Four… I was big into Spidey. I still imagine myself clinging to the ceiling and swinging from my web. But Fantastic Four had a character named Ben! Which appealed to my former age 6-year old narcissism. GOTG is my favorite Marvel movie… followed by Deadpool… Though I’m pretty stoked for the next Thor. (Which was my third Fav comic as a kid)
5) The question that can not be answered I am sure but the teasers at the end hint at Aeysha’s return —- how about her Admiral’s? Even if it is deleted scenes for the DVD 🙂
Ben : That’s a future question, which I can’t, and probably wouldn’t answer right now anyway.

6 May

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A couple of things — first Ben’s accent as the Sovereign Admiral in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. We  Farscape fans jumped to “PK John”. Ben’s says it was more Olivier .  I will listen more carefully the next time I see it!! 

You may have seen mention of Ben’s appearance in Dustin Hoffman’s Merchant of Venice. His wife, Francesca Buller, was in both the London and New York versions. Ben says she started rehearsals the day after they were married. He was still a student but auditioned in London and joined the cast when they transferred to New York.


4 May

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May the Force be with you today! Especially if going to a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 !!!

Don’t forget Ben will be appearing at Collectormania Birmingham U.K. June 3 – 4, 2017  —- he does not have a solo talk but is part of the SG1 panel with Michael Shanks. These two are great fun to watch and they take the questions seriously yet are often irreverent! This panel from Perth,W.A. gives you a taste of what to expect!


3 May

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Tomorrow many of us in the U.S. and Canada will flock to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2  early screenings. On May 4th. Coincidence? I think not! 


2 May

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U.S. and Canadian fans it is time to begin our countdown for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 !! We have learned a couple of non-spoilery things from our fellow fans abroad. Ben speaks and PK John is heard. A couple of guys on Twitter alluded to his character as “Admiral”. It is a cameo so pay attention! I am excited Ben has an opportunity to be in a film of this magnitude being produced by two major studios. James Gunn’s choice of him and tweets about him will stir interest among fans and Industry types alike as to who this guy is that was given a coveted cameo! At least that is my hope! 😀 Ben was a fan of writer/director Gunn even before the first film so this was a great opportunity for him personally. Do I wish it was a meatier role? Hell yeah! The Industry is weird and Ben is in a crowded talent age group. Remember as well only about 5% of actors are working at any given time. So cheer in the theater when you see our golden man!