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7 December

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The birthday fundraiser is in the final stretch —- 4 days left! The goal has been met and exceeded but that doesn’t mean don’t donate! Americans don’t forget it is tax deductible 😉 So skip a latte or other treat this week and celebrate Ben’s upcoming birthday AND help raise funds for pediatric cancer research at the same time! Donate!



24 October

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Just want to update on the birthday fundraiser —- we have reached $965 !!!!! There are still more auctions to come including a special item from Spritelady  that all you Printheth fans are going to want 😉 Just sayin’ you might want to save your Pumpkin Spice Latte money !! All of you who have made friends and tell of how Farscape changed your life take the opportunity to join with fellow fans and donate to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight pediatric cancers and celebrate Ben’s upcoming birthday, after all he brought Crichton to life and helped make Farscape what it is !

Personally those of us that have been fortunate enough to see Ben at a con or those who have met him in other settings know he is more than jut another Hollywood pretty face but in the last 15 years that pretty face hasn’t changed that much !


2000-09-05 11.27.24



30 June

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The birthday fundraiser will be back this year with a start date of October 1. At this time the charity is Alex’s Lemonade Stand which raises funds for pediatric cancer research. We have raised money for them before and whenever I ask him he says “I trust you”. My reasons for choosing it are great cause,ease of donation, and more of your money goes to the charity (many of the third party sites take 3% which is fine but we are a small fund raiser so every dollar counts !).  There will be several auctions and Ben told me he has something special to contribute for the auction. If you would like to contribute an item  or have your own auction and donate the proceeds please do and let me know so  I can spread the word !

Check the In Person page to see where you can see Ben yourself ! I have not confirmed yet he will be at Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles in October but soCal fans may want to keep that weekend (October 30-November 1) open !

I added this to the YouTube channel as well as it being available on the Clips page :
















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6 June

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Don’t forget Ben will be appearing at the Chicago Stargate Convention August 16, 2015.  As much as I enjoy seeing him and most guests by themselves on stage I do enjoy the interaction when actors do a group panel. I think it would be great fun to see him onstage with Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks.

The video from Ben’s appearance in Adelaide is uploaded so enjoy!


1 May

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I meet so many new Farscape / Ben fans and it stirs many memories for me and in turn I stir the memories of my friends from “back in the day”. The fight to save Farscape for me personally showed the best and worst of fandom. The Friday in early September 2002 the news came out I had worked, then took one daughter to soccer and another to a sleepover before I looked at my computer. My inbox had a couple of emails from Ben. Surprised that there were 2 I opened the first. He said something was happening and to get everyone I could to chat that night. The second was more emphatic. I responded asking bad news? He said yes. I emailed BritAngie in the UK asking if she had gotten the message. I called Avenging Angel, a local Scaper and someone who worked in the entertainment industry to see if she had heard anything. I then started posting everywhere I could telling people to come to chat. Friday night mIRC chat and UltimateFarscape chats were routine for my Friday nights but this Friday was different. Karl’s Web is a great place to visit if you haven’t discoverd it! It was a go to site for Scapers for the most up to date info. That night Ben and David Kemper spoke directly to the fans via the chat — 400 plus fans were present. Ben as well as the other actors on the show used locked screen names so we knew it was really him. Read the transcript. The Internet has grown by leaps and bounds since 2002 and I wonder what would happen today! We called and filled SciFi Channels voicemail, sent faxes and sent telegrams. By the next week Avenging Angel and I placed an ad in Variety followed shortly by a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter. Fans organized and raised money to save the show. The actors were wrapping the shooting and post production work on the final episodes in Australia. It is easier for actors to interact with fans today no matter where they are located globally. Ben especially used the chat to keep up with how the show was being received (it was aired spottily in Sydney so they had no other way to know). As I enjoy some shows that the actors live tweet I do wonder how Farscape would do today. I believe the show would enjoy a larger audience. I think the conversation would last the whole week between episodes as it did when the show aired live. So many platforms for so many conversations! Should we get a feature film or another mini-series like X Files it will be interesting to see how the actors and fans will react.

Ad from The Hollywood Reporter 9/12/2002  from this website :

30 April

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Here are the photo ops from OzComicCon. Action John is collecting Dr. Who companions. Here is Billie Piper who got a good laugh! Ben also mentioned on stage his most recent fanboy moment was getting her autograph! I also had him with Marina Sirtis courtesy of vinegardog. She looks amazing! If you have never seen her she is very Cockney and outspoken. She asked who it was and I said and her reply was “Oh the bloke who replaced RDA”  🙂


29 April

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At OzComicCon Perth Ben told us the secret big project he is working on is a video game. It will be announced at E3 in June. Everyone involved has signed non-disclosure agreements. I sat next to a very nice Scaper who is also a gamer. He is thinking Call to Duty : Black Ops 3. A ‘reveal trailer” is out. No information has been revealed yet regarding the five new characters or the actors. The actors were fitted with over 100 sensors on suit and their movements were captured by hundreds of cameras. What do you guys think? 


25 April

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A few more pictures from OzComicCon Perth’s panel featuring Ben, Michael Shanks and Cliff Simon. Photos thanks to vinegardog! 

perthtrio1 perthtrio2 perthtrio3 perthtrio5 perthtrio6 perthtrio7

18 April

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I attended OzComicCon Adelaide today. Ben was in great form. Billy Boyd was in  the next auditorium and his room made a lot of noise when he was introduced and Ben went to the connecting door and stuck his head through and called out to Billy who came over and int our room while Ben went into his. They chatted. Then resumed their own panels with Ben promising to be quiet. He comes back on stage and asks if there are any Farscape fans(he was billed primarily as a Stargate guest). Crowd roars and he shushes them. He then asks if he can get a “Hell Yeah”. He gets one 🙂  There were several good questions including one about the rumored movie. He promised if it happens and he is in it he won’t stop talking about it! He also told about discussing it with Rockne O’Bannon saying his son was of an age to play the son because he was tall enough—-Rockne replied the Luxan genes were showing 🙂  A fan asked if she could ask Cameron a question. Ben straightened up and said “Yes ma’am”. The question was how would Cam give SG1 a pep talk. Ben said Cam was just happy to be on the team like the Galaxy Quest character. Then he said if Cam did try and give one —Carter would go —he rolls his eyes. Jackson would do this — double eye-roll. Teal’c would just—-stoic look. He also discussed directing Bad Kids Go 2 Hell. He said it is a grown-up job because people pretend your opinion/decisions are important.  Of course he didn’t want to end and asked who was on next. Sanctuary was the reply. He said ohhh she’s hot with a big smile ( referring to Agam Darshi). More pictures to come —they had a 5 minute limit and were pretty strict.


Ben with Billy Boyd

Billy Boyd

29 March

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I am hoping to continue relating some moments from the past for those who are new. It is important to remember that though there was a robust online community it was nothing like what exists today. AIM and mIRC were the real time social media. Many people found out about the first Farscape convention  because it was advertised at the end of the episodes leading up to the convention. I subscribed to Creation’s email list which I had signed up for years earlier for Star Trek and X Files. I admit to being jaded as I have said before and was a bit stunned at Ben’s enthusiasm on stage. I decided even if it was faked I was impressed!  The SciFi Channel message board or “The Dom” (for Dominion) was the main place to discuss Farscape. They had an mIRC chat room and on Fridays might have 200 or more people when a new episode aired.  The actors had locked handles so if they were there you knew it was actually them. The channel hosted official chats with actors, writers, directors, and producers. All involved were pretty savvy so it was a very natural flowing chat, not stilted or heavily moderated like many were at the time. David Kemper in particular would question the questions and the fans. Ben was like he is when you see him at a con — very good on the details of episodes and answering the questions fully and honestly. Ben’s handle was “Black_Tee”.  Magazines like SciFi, Starlog, Dreamwatch and Cinefantastique were the go to “official” sites for interviews with Ben. Now there are so many sites and blogs providing interviews it is amazing! I started this site in fall of 2000 because there were Farscape sites and BritAngie’s site for Ben and that was it. Today there are pages on Livejournal, a Tublr full of creative Ben Browder GIFs, conversations on Twitter from around the world. Below is one of the first appearances of Ben on a cover —- the Sydney Herald TV Magazine.