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30 July

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As many of you know I am still standing behind Ben for Jack Reacher in One Shot. Tom Cruise was recently announced as the probable lead which has upset book fans. This is not unusual. Fans are mad at author Lee Child who has said he supports this choice. What is he supposed to say as he has no voice in the casting? Anyway an interesting blog post supports Cruise. Some good points are made but still don’t think it will work as a blockbuster!

5 July

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I want to comment on Ben’s statement about not understanding why someone would want his autograph.  I think the reasons differ from person to  person.  For some it is a chance to tell him face to face that they enjoy his work.  Many of us are too nervous  to start a conversation with someone we admire and the autograph is an icebreaker of sorts.  There is also a rivalry of sorts between fans of various actors,shows,books,movies etc. to keep your guy/girl on top of the fan dogpile.  One very obvious (albeit crass) way is the autograph value. I like it when Ben is a higher tier autograph at a convention. When his line is longer than another actor we view as “competition”  there are toasts and high fives that evening accompanied by “We win!!”.  Are there more important things in life to worry about? To quote John Crichton “Hell yeah”.  Farscape has given me hours of escape and many friends over the last 12  years. I have joined with some of these friends to raise money for important causes.  Ben is the face of Farscape to me and attending appearances, getting autographs, and photo ops is a way to show support. It is surely a surreal experience for him but one we fans,  many of whom are serious professionals in “real life”,  become giddy about!

26 June

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New “official” picture of Ben as Nick Naught in the upcoming webseries Naught For Hire!

24 June

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The people behind Naught For Hire are pushing for social media presence for both Naught For Hire and Ben. So if you haven’t “Like”ed Ben’s FB page or the official NFH one do so (get friends to do so—no spam from either and very little feed). I am still curious how Paramount will use any information derived from social media. They are behind Naught For Hire and One Shot. Every social media site that posted/blogged about Cruise being possibly cast as Jack Reacher has mostly negative comments—will that outweigh what they perceive as big box office? For now though I can play the game.

15 June

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Good news for those of you attending the San Diego Comic Con next month. Bad Kids Go to Hell will be there with cast appearances to be announced as known. I will update if and when Ben is announced.  The anti-Tom Cruise comments have continued as more sites weigh-in. What I like is alot of the people are not fans of the books but just think he is over. I don’t think that just he isn’t right for this franchise.

14 June

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Ok just a little round-up of the day’s Ben news! First filming still underway on Bad Kids Go to Hell. Naught For Hire has a signed contract with Paramount to be a digital TV series. Author John Stithe has hopes this will get things moving a bit. My perverse side is pleased at the reaction that has met the news that Tom Cruise is in talks to play Jack Reacher.  Mainstream entertainment sites decrying it as a bad decision with their comment boards running mostly negative againt Cruise. Lee Child/Reacher sites overwhelming against the choice. Will it matter? Probably not. The webmistress at leechild.com recommended a documentary on Netflix called Tales from the Script. A couple of industry friends had mentioned it but I just got around to watching it this evening. A must for those wanting to understand how this whole page to paper thing works!      

14 June

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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Tom Cruise is interested in playing Jack Reacher, the main character in the Lee Child novels. This isn’t being greeted well by fans.  This is where it will be interesting to see how Paramount reads these posts. Fledgling projects with no “names” attatched to them are being told to show that “insert name” can carry a project by their presence on social media sites. So what happens whe “the name” draws criticism across the board? It will be interesting to see IMO.  Meanwhile I visited the Facebook Lee Child page and commented as well as responded to The Hollywood Reporter’s FB article and Twitter post on this. I will post on leechild.com forum when I resolve my login issue 🙂 but the news is not being met with positive comments there either!

I am hoping Ben being cast in Bad Kids Go To Hell may influence the producers of other projects with which he is associated .

6 June

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The Lee Child page on Facebook has a poll up on who should play Reacher—I added Ben’s name. Can’t hurt to vote 😆


5 June

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Ben’s project,  Naught For Hire,  got a nice blurb from the people at stargate-sg1-solutions.com !  I think the incredible speed with which information in spread today via the internet gives the impression that a project is “stalled” or something is wrong.  I am on the fence whether knowing something is better than knowing nothing. I remember at the first Farscape convention listening to Rockne O’Bannon, David Kemper,  and Brian Henson talking about how long it was between the first pitches of the show until they started casting.Years! Was it worth it?  Yes —  because what we got was a unique show with a great cast.  Rockne O’Bannon has many times said if the show had been picked up by FOX (the first network it was pitched to) it would not have been the show we eventually watched.  When I get impatient about projects I read about like  Naught For Hire,  Freeze Frame,  or even the Lee Child novel/film  One Shot,( I still maintain Ben would be perfect for)  I try and remind myself of this!  So for now talk up Ben’s projects on open social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and IMDB or any other sites you frequent. This goes for other actors you enjoy seeing.  Honestly not sure if the studios get LiveJournal( I find it cumbersome and frustrating often and consider myself fairly net savvy) or Tumblr but if you use those link the discussion to more mainstream sites if possible. I have started a new Ben as Reacher thread on IMDB if anyone wants to join me 🙂