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17 November

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Still time to donate for Ben’s Birthday Fundraiser!  One auction going on ( 29 hours left!) — there is $230 waiting to be transferred to the cause account from the previous auctions as well as $50 more in donations people have sent to me via Paypal. The last auction will be a special signed Gillian Anderson poster . Thanksgiving is coming up make a donation for a family member or friend ! Many of you are like me and your fandom friends are often amazing people you would have never met if it weren’t for Farscape or some other interest. I think many of our real life friends have no idea how much fandoms do for charity. For me the Farscape fandom was my second fandom but since I first visited the Dom board almost 13 years ago I have never drifted from my Farscape circle —amazing group of people! To me Ben sets the tone of the base—funny,sincere and just good people as we say in the South!

Ben will be appearing in the Syfy Channel’s 20th Anniversary special airing on 10 December.

21 January

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Ben Browder’s role on Chuck was smaller than his fans would have liked BUT we got our favorite actor on screen! Other pluses: Josh Scwartz and Chris Fedak(producers) are good guys to know. Chuck is cancelled but is a critical favorite somewhat so there will be press mentions such as this one from the Boston Herald .  Ben has often spoken about the fickleness of the industry and nothing is certain until you actually see it(and the escrow check clears!). He has a couple of exciting projects “in the works” that we know of—Freeze Frame 4 Vets and Naught For Hire.  Until then, having Ben working on a show produced by someone with a current successful scorecard like Josh Schwartz is hopefully a platform to show other producers and finance people who he is now. Chuck features three other over 40 actors—- Ben showed nicely next to them. Is the superficial? Yes. Is the industry superficial? Yes.  Many Ben fans are criticizing the script and waste of  their favorite. It is important to see this appearance for what it is. Being a Chuck fan as well I loved it! Leave comments at NBC, chucktv.net and any other sites discussing the ep!

8 December

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Let Paramount know you want to see Ben in Naught For Hire ! Send a letter or postcard to:

Ms Amy Powell, Executive Vice President Chief Digital Officer
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Av
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3112

Be sure and let them know if you have watched a webseries  and enjoy the format! The industry is still behind on tech.

5 December

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Still time to donate for Ben’s birthday !  I still have $415 to add from the auction and coins(not as much as I though of coins but still $25). Remember they provide a receipt and you can donate anonomously!

18 September

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I had never really been impressed with answer.com(a wiki site) but was moved to join because this question showed up in my google alerts : Is Ben Browder dead?

Go answer

1 August

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I know it is only August 1st but I am working on the fundraiser for Ben’s birthday! Since he opened up about how cancer has touched his life the past year I wanted to choose a cancer charity. Two years ago we raised close to $900 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand a wonderful group that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Last year we raised just under $2000 for Fisher House.  After researching I liked The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Ran both by Ben to see if he had any objections or preferences. I hate doing that because I would rather it be a surprise. Here is his response:


I am okay with whatever charity you choose. You have my complete trust on this.


I have created a page and will unveil it on September 1st — this will give people plenty of time to donate before December!

28 July

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Though it has been almost 2 weeks since Polaris I am still trying to organize my memories from the Blast Off Party!  I think what I remember most is laughing 🙂  The first guest in the small room was Melinda Clarke. When she came to our table one of the guys offered her a seat—she laughed and said her dress was a bad choice for sitting—-she was great and touching on the topic of casting an age versus the actor’s real age. Next was Adam Baldwin who I have seen before and is always entertaining. He saw people’s iPhones on the table and having worked in Canada before immediately wanted to know what network he should be on. He  had his phone out showing it to a couple of the girls who helped him select the best network. While he was talking Ben approached from behind and asked what he was drinking. He had a handful of drink coupons and then disappeared returning with a drink for Adam.  The room was set-up perfectly for the event—some small and two or three larger tables and people were encouraged to mingle. Our table had about 10 people,2 Dr Who action figures, an alien figure,Action John and a sonic screwdriver. Adam (and all guest) immediately picked up the screwdriver after getting his network established.  His expression as it activated was priceless!  I wish I could remember the questions—he did say he was happy that Chuck was going to have a definitive end. He moved on and Ben arrived shortly after. He did comment to me he couldn’t believe when he read I would see him in Toronto. I asked him his thoughts on social media use for projects not in the can. He said no point really until there was something to talk about. I said I though the studios weren’t up to speed on how it could be manipulated—citing how fan sites for Naught For Hire were being encouraged to “Like” the project and him on Facebook and Tweet about it, but wondered if they were aware  that among the numbers were dogs and action figures!  He spoke in his usual intelligent manner of not liking to discuss something until it is time and how Hollywood has it’s own methods which don’t always make sense. We moved on to him just finishing filming Bad Kids Go To Hell. I asked if it was a fun shoot. He said yea but he felt soooo old as the lead was 19!  Many of you may remember his story of working on a pilot with Richard Farnsworth who was always on set watching no matter if in the scene or not. So I asked were you the Richard Farnsworth of the set?(Ben has had the reputation of being present as well) He laughed and said Yes!  About this time he was no longer able to resist the sonic screwdriver! He picked it up and examined it — I said Adam had been playing with it—the girl who owned it(sorry I can’t remember her name!) said many people had been doing things with it! He gave a horrified look but still kept pushing   the buttons 🙂  There was more discussion on state of TV and media and he moved on. The last guest was Armin Shimerman was is funny and classy. After playing with the screwdriver said he might need a cigarette! After the guest did the official rounds they hung out eating appetizers,drinking and talking with people. Eventually alot of people left including and security was trying to clear the room(an hour after the party was scheduled to end). Adam tried to get Ben to go to Klingon Karoke! I wanted to go but had been up over 24 hours. Next day at the photo op Ben asked if I had gone to the karoke —I said no had been up tooo long. He had not either though Adam closed that as well apparently and was singing while signing autographs that afternoon! The reason I hate writing these things is I often don’t remember other questions having been focused on getting the nerve to ask mine and it sounds arrogant when I read  what I have written! Our table had great questions and fast,witty answers! I hope some of them read this and comment what they remember!

27 July

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All along I have been onboard with Ben doing Naught For Hire. I like the project and felt with Ben as an executive producer the story would not lose it’s uniqueness in the transition to screen. A couple of thing have made me even more confident the project will be made.  A friend from another fandom with an industry background says webseries are going to be the next big  thing. Another industry friend (writer) made a similar comment. SyFy’s Mercury Men is sleek . Bryan Singer’s(yes THAT Bryan Singer) upcoming H+ looks intriguing to me. The idea of episodes that are 5 – 7 minutes seem not worth the time but am finding I like them—-they bring back the feeling of anticipation I haven’t felt since I was a kid watching Lost In Space with the To Be Continued ending. The plus is now I think we can assume a dvd will released quickly after the last ep is broadcast 🙂 At the Polaris Convention in Toronto recently Ben told a group of us he hopes Naught for Hire will be filmed in the next 6 months. as Ben fans we are looking at a good year coming up!

17 July

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Ok the video seems to be u/l………….it is aa BIG file because I like to feel I am there when I watch these and not have a bunch of segments to click on— so consider yourself warned!


Ben at Polaris 2011 Toronto

Update—looks like the video is really there now!


15 July Part 2

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Just got back from the Blast Off Party where the guests were Melinda Clark, Adam Baldwin, Armin Shimerman, and Ben Browder.All were great! I met up with Canadian Niplet Linda and we joined with a bunch of Ben first timers!  We discussed social media and Naught For Hire when Ben joined our table. He had fun filming Bad Kids Go To Hell.  Basically everything is still waiting on Naught because that is the way Hollywood does business. One of the big sponsors wants talent and quality while the studio still thinks social media numbers the focus.Stay tuned ! Lots of Farscape fans! Many new,  ie since the show went off the air. Some pictures were taken and will be coming—-