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16 July

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A bit of a follow up to my editorial rant. I believe in showing respect in public forums to both your fellow fans and the actors being discussed. That said there is nothing wrong with appreciating their sex appeal and physical attributes as well as their talent. For me there some beautiful actors with zero talent that have no appeal.  That is where I question Hollywood’s choices sometimes but then I realize great abs or hair are enough for many viewers. A group I am in (not Farscape or Ben related) had some people posting that they knew the partner of an actor was jealous of them because they were so much more fun than she as they attended a wrap party and she couldn’t be bothered (their words). They had no facts and the couple has 2 younger kids and it was during school. She is also a performer. It was said in fun I am sure but repeated and discussed in depth. The fans are happily married women. It passed the line in my opinion because they demeaned the partner so as an extension the actor . However saying you would “hook up,do etc” an actor is different in my mind. It is usually said as a compliment , off the cuff and in a setting where one is comfortable. I have posted that myself especially back in the early days of Farscape on the Dom. If any producer types are reading fan groups they want to know the actors are appealing and often sex appeal draws more viewers than just talent. Farscape was blessed with a group of actors that had both. They were various types, ages and some in prosthetics yet all had and still have followings who find them and the characters they played “sexy”. Well maybe not Rygel though Jonathan Hardy was adored by fans. Most of us who make the comments are not sexist in real life and treat people with respect.  I am sure this sounds a bit hypocritical but I think most of us think along the same lines. There are lines not to be crossed. Comments that are truly offensive usually generate many negative responses that let the poster know a line has been crossed. A pet peeve of mine is conventions where all guest questions are vetted. The same goes with fan boards. Farscape and Ben fandoms are usually pretty mellow and self-regulating. Heated discussions may call for a nudge from the mod now and again. Trekbbs use to ban people for a week at a time when things got ugly and heated ( and it was worth it when I responded rudely to someone who said Connor Trineer was a better actor than Ben !).

Right now we need to band together to get more Farscape. You can bet that Producers and investors want to know the leads still have “it” and people want to see them back in their leathers!  #farscapenow  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 July

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A bit of an editorial today first. Farscape fandom and the Ben fandom as it is a corollary, have long been known for being mellow and accepting. Rarely any heavy handed actions by mods needed as I have witnessed in other fandoms. We disagree but choose to embrace the differences as our heroes did to become a family. Often to quote Crichton ” a Jerry Springer kind of family” but … it does bother me to hear of fan policing over things that are not immoral or illegal. As we fight for more #farscapenow let us embody the best of this fandom.

Meanwhile it appears Hoax reshoots complete. Not a fan of horror genre but this may be enough of a twist to make it work for me. Plus Ben and Brian “Mighty Morphin’ Bounty Hunter” Thompson star.

23 June

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#FarscapeFriday takes on more meaning as we begin to get serious about the quest for more #farscapenow !! I mean Full House is getting a second season on Netflix! Granted it cost way less to produce but seriously 🙂 If you are off this weekend take a few minutes before heading out to Tweet or tumbl or Reddit or Snapchat or whatever your social media of choice is to say you want more #farscapenow. Tag entities when you can or choose like Netflix,Amazon or Henson Company.

22 June

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So in Birmingham earlier this month Ben brought up a campaign to get Farscape back on TV via Netflix,Amazon or a major streaming service. At the time I thought it an offhand comment. There was buzz after the talk. I asked him about it and he said times have changed and Henson needed to know we have grown in numbers. There was standing room only at the talk. Last year to see Brian Henson and Gigi Edgley at Dragon con people were turned away from a decent sized room. At most cons over half the people discovered the show after it left the air. So farscapenow.net is launched. No money just a few minutes a day now and again on social media and the second part involves snail mailing an actual postcard of your town( international fans encouraged!!) to Henson. I am always afraid of bringing back something loved but I was so surprised by The X Files limited series and our cast still looks great soooooo let’s give it a try!

4 June

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Most of you know I hate doing con reports as I don’t ever feel I can do them justice. Collectormania Birmingham is no exception!  Ben looked fit ( or rather more fit!) and exuded a joyful energy that carried through the weekend. There were at least 7 Crichtons I saw including a gender swap one that was very good!


Saturday was the Stargate talk with Michael Shanks and was of humor and serious answers. They did say if Stargate was released now it would resemble Deadpool.

Sunday was a packed 30 minute talk with just Ben. Attendance seemed unaffected by the attack in London the night before. Some new stories in response to questions.

1) When asked by a drama teacher what was the weirdest thing you have had to do as an actor? 

     Love scenes are weird — many people around, not talking about about awkward things that can happen. Performing naked on stage in the round where there is no place to hide.

    The teacher made a comment about actors had weird things about them(??) He referred to that comment at the end saying he didn’t need the attention as he got plenty from his family.

2) Getting a call from his grandmother after she saw him kiss a woman on screen –What were you doing kissing another woman you are a married man now!

3) Meeting Sean Astin again after 20 years at their kids junior high graduation. Finding out their kids are dating. Then shortly after they were flying to a con New Zealand together and seated in business class. The seats fold down to beds and they were laying down facing each other. Ben says to Sean we are sleeping together and I hope our kids aren’t!

4) His son is rewatching Farscape and SG1 while at the US Air Force Academy where a couple of his senior officers are fans. One asked Browder? Do you know Ben Browder? He’s my Dad. His son periodically calls and asks for autographs for instructors.

5) He mentioned Francesca Google Stalks him when he is abroad. Saying that when he was in Spain filming Dr. Who the cast and crew were going out for drinks and invited him to come along. He knew the paparazzi were there stalking the main cast so he declined and stayed at the hotel. Francesca calls the next asking what he did the night before. He said he stayed at the hotel. She says did you see the Telegraph today? He hadn’t. Apparently there was a photo of another actor snogging a cast member that at a glance looked like Ben!

6) He asked for a pub recommendation for the city center as his hotel only had Stella on tap! Many in the crowd shared his dismay



26 May

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#FarscapeFriday —- flashback to one of PKGumby’s best! This was also used to intro Ben at one of the Farscape conventions — he loved it!  Used with permission from PKGumby.

YouTube Preview Image

13 May

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As always when a con is upcoming I think of favorite moments at past cons. Some have to do with Ben or other guests and many have to do with fellow fans. At Dragon Con 2010 Ben did a panel with Raelee Hill and Virginia Hey. Ben decided to have Raelee Hill do his signature Hell Yeah! She had no idea what was coming as he handed her a slip of paper and told her to say it to he crowd. He ended up helping her out a bit 😀 Here are a few shots from the panel courtesy of Tarina Peterson — many thanks!!



















 Stargate Hangover panel at Dragon Con 2010 —- Ben,  Jewel Staite, Martin Gero, Jason Mamoa, and Paul McGillion. A fan asked the panel their most memorable line from any role delivered on screen. We Farscape fans saw Ben’s expression and knew his line! The other actors started talking —Jason Mamoa—Ronon doesn’t talk much 🙂 Then it was Ben’s turn. He looks at the audience (big auditorium that hold ~1000 ) and asks Any Farscape fans here? Shouting and applause. So he says Can I get a Hell Yeah? We responded as we do at any con Ben appears 😀 As this happened Jewel Stait’s face lit up. She was next. She asked has anyone seen a show called Firefly? Cheers and applause. So she said her favorite line : Goin’ on a year now I ain’t had nothin’ twixt my nethers weren’t run on batteries! We had to feel bad for the other actors as the crowd went crazy! 

10 May

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I just want to express my thanks to all who stopped by and read the interview with Ben about Guardians. The over 500 of you!! I have had this for almost 17 years and it is for fun. Ben is a class act and I would say we are discerning fans. I hope, as I am sure many of you do as well, that this cameo will lead to more exciting projects. We know he is the original Star Lord. I get how Hollywood thinks, I don’t agree but I get it. I watch a lot of British and Australian TV and find it interesting that not every story is changed to have a 20 something lead. I also get that studios want a “bankable” star for films they are investing millions if not hundreds of millions. Emma  Watson is a fabulous actress yet Beauty and the Beast would have worked with an unknown or lesser known actress. An actor draws his or her base in but many people react to the idea shown in a trailer or described in a blurb in my opinion. Granted not sure if it was my checkbook I would trust viewers that much but I like to think good acting and good stories sell themselves as much as an actor’s name. I go to James Bond films no matter who plays Bond. I am not going to the New Mummy film because all of Tom Cruise films blend together as a series of stunts and effects and his “don’t worry we’re going to get out of this face” (and he should have never played Jack Reacher despite owning the rights!). Sermon over!

Until  Hoax is released ( not sure of the distribution details at this point) in March we can re-watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 🙂


9 May

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I had the chance to ask Ben a few questions about his experience with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. I did a quick poll of people on a Farscape page of what they wanted to know and most of us had similar questions but a special shout out to Josh D for the Marvel question!

1) We have seen James Gunn’s tweet that he had told you at the Saturn Awards he wanted you in Guardians 2 but he didn’t think you believed him. How did it unfold?
Ben : I introduced myself to Gunn at the 2015 Saturns… Surprise! (or not) He knew Farscape. I gushed about GOTGvol1, then accused him of pilfering my sock drawer for material.  He mentioned finding a spot for me in GOTGvol2, we snapped a selfie… hugged it out.  Lo and behold, 2 years later, James Gunn is a man of his word.  Deep respect for him.
2) You were already of fan of James Gunn before the Guardians so how was the experience of working with him? Did you choose the Admiral’s “voice” or was it suggested?
Ben : Admirals voice was cued by the fact that all the Sovereign sounded English. Yes, I’m a fan of Gunn… Slither is awesome. His writing is always sharp and clever.  And GOTG was spectacular
***After seeing the film I mentioned loving hearing PK John’s voice (as many online have also commented!) this was Ben’s response since so many seem to have missed my previous post —Actually the accent was more Laurence Olivier-ish from the Battle of Britain (retro-RP) than PK John (Pseudo-aussiefied-Americanized RP), but the British are very snippy about their own versions of “English” dialects. Americans will endure the Brits mutilating our dialects with abandon and never take note. 
3) What was the make up prep like and how much of the sovereign set was CGI? 
Ben :  Make-up prep was pretty straight forward… I sat in a chair and they painted… Becoming solid gold is less time consuming than becoming Scorpy. The Sovereign set was half practical… saying which half would reveal trade secrets.
4)Did you interact with the main cast at all? You are the original Star Lord after all to many of us!
Ben : I’m more like Star Lord’s trailer park uncle. I met some of the Guardians briefly.
4) And from Scaper Josh — What is your favorite Marvel comic/movie and why?
Ben : As a kid… The Amazing Spiderman and The Fantastic Four… I was big into Spidey. I still imagine myself clinging to the ceiling and swinging from my web. But Fantastic Four had a character named Ben! Which appealed to my former age 6-year old narcissism. GOTG is my favorite Marvel movie… followed by Deadpool… Though I’m pretty stoked for the next Thor. (Which was my third Fav comic as a kid)
5) The question that can not be answered I am sure but the teasers at the end hint at Aeysha’s return —- how about her Admiral’s? Even if it is deleted scenes for the DVD 🙂
Ben : That’s a future question, which I can’t, and probably wouldn’t answer right now anyway.

6 May

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A couple of things — first Ben’s accent as the Sovereign Admiral in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. We  Farscape fans jumped to “PK John”. Ben’s says it was more Olivier .  I will listen more carefully the next time I see it!! 

You may have seen mention of Ben’s appearance in Dustin Hoffman’s Merchant of Venice. His wife, Francesca Buller, was in both the London and New York versions. Ben says she started rehearsals the day after they were married. He was still a student but auditioned in London and joined the cast when they transferred to New York.