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2 May

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U.S. and Canadian fans it is time to begin our countdown for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 !! We have learned a couple of non-spoilery things from our fellow fans abroad. Ben speaks and PK John is heard. A couple of guys on Twitter alluded to his character as “Admiral”. It is a cameo so pay attention! I am excited Ben has an opportunity to be in a film of this magnitude being produced by two major studios. James Gunn’s choice of him and tweets about him will stir interest among fans and Industry types alike as to who this guy is that was given a coveted cameo! At least that is my hope! 😀 Ben was a fan of writer/director Gunn even before the first film so this was a great opportunity for him personally. Do I wish it was a meatier role? Hell yeah! The Industry is weird and Ben is in a crowded talent age group. Remember as well only about 5% of actors are working at any given time. So cheer in the theater when you see our golden man!



10 April

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Scaper Patricia posted a promo photo that brought back a flood of memories! The convention center at the Burbank Hilton had windows and we were lining up to go in and could see the vendor table with the new official photos! Squeeing was heard as each group saw them!! It  was 2001 and jaded scifi fans were still disbelieving of a “ship” early in a series no matter what was seen and that the producers/writers/actors said! A couple of months before I had listened to creator Rockne O’Bannon explain at SDCC that he felt it wrong when shows ignored chemistry or were afraid to write an adult relationship (he cited X Files). Then these incredible season 3 promo photos came out! Farscape was good solid drama and had a love story that was organic not just an occasional plot device. This first photo is the one I got signed — Ben signed in Claudia’s hair saying “It is all about the hair” !






16 January

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I am not much on reviews but I am going to attempt one of Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, the film Ben directed and reprises his role as janitor Max. Teen slash movies are not a favorite of mine (even when I was the target audience!). Ben had told me this would be different and have a bit more humor in it.  When you are a fan of someone you worry What if this is crap? each time a new venture is embarked on! The film is based on a graphic novel and there are some clever shots where a comic shot or panel is inserted and blends into the live action.  I enjoyed this  much more than I expected! The kids as Ben has said in interviews did a great job and the adults, especially Sean Astin, gave the movie some good moments. Ben fans get a treat with a brief ultra creepy scene that features Max , that was disturbing yet….”hot”. The pacing ( I have no idea the real term!) kept the story moving . Often when you watch something you are not that keen on it will drag. I experienced none of that feeling. Another thing I enjoyed was the music.  The original music was quite good for a small budget film, not relying on just a few “hip” sounding songs thrown in.


The film is available for rent or purchase on Amazon and iTunes as well as dvd.



11 January

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To promote the release of Bad Kids of Crestview Academy Ben is doing an AMA on Reddit today. I confirmed it is real so go forth. Thanks to Scaper Victoria for the heads up!

6 January

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Don’t forget next week on 13 January, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy will open in select cities followed by a widespread digital release the following day. So if you are in  NYC,the Bay area, Chicago, Austin, LA, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, or Seattle get out and see Ben’s directorial debut!! He LOVED directing! He also reprises his role as Max.


27 December

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WOW!!!! Great catch by alittledizzy !!!

Today’s edit. Ben. #nikond810 #profoto #captureonepro9

6 December

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Just a reminder that the birthday fundraiser to benefit IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, ends Sunday night at midnight. The plight of veterans is a cause Ben feels is important. IAVA works especially to help those contemplating suicide upon their return. It is a top rated charity and well supported by veterans themselves. I know this is a busy time of year and everyone is watching their money. So many causes to choose from. So donate small and think of the young man or woman debating whether to face another day rather than a grande or a venti. Donate.  Special thanks to PKGirl for the photo!!


24 November

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Happy Thanksgiving to all US fans!! I am thankful for all of you around the globe! The fundraiser just hit $307!!! Still a couple of weeks to donate. As I have said think of someone who spent the day ending it all, many despite having caring family and friends. IAVA the charity chosen has worked diligently on this , especially the Clay Hunt SAV Act. You can read about their efforts here. This is a cause Ben finds important as we all should. Many more young men and women will face this in the decades to come. So skip a frivolous Black Friday item and make a donation!

23 November

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Tomorrow Americans give thanks for what they have in their lives. It is a time of loneliness for many, especially those soldiers who have returned from war and having trouble being home.  War rarely ends for soldiers just by stepping foot on American soil. IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, are there for them to steer  them find the right kind of help for their unique situation. So make a donation for Ben’s Birthday — help us help them. DONATE YOUR THANKS 


15 November

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Remember the fundraiser is ongoing! Donate today to help IAVA! Bad news that the veteran suicide film Ben has been attached to for years has been tabled again do to lack of funding. The producer wanted to go outside Hollywood and that is a difficult path. Good news to share as many of you have read Bad Kids of Crestview Academy will his theaters January 13,2017. This film is Ben’s directorial debut and he reprises his role as Max. Watch the newest trailer!