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18 May

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I am a fan of  The Hunger Games trilogy. I felt Ben would have made an awesome Haymitch. Mockingjay.net is doing fan casting of Plutarch currently. Could totally buy Ben as Plutarch ! Wishful thinking but he is doing Dr. Who which was previously wishful thinking 🙂  This would be great exposure. Bad Kids Go to Hell being shopped at Cannes may also provide some exposure with the new respect (of sorts) that comics/graphic novel based properties are getting. I am still skeptical of the use of social media by studios but they may glance at numbers so remember to visit Ben pages on Facebook, tag your Tweets and Tumblr as well as any networks that have public access!

26 March

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I saw The Hunger Games last Friday—-amazing page – to -screen journey! That said I still think Ben would have made an AWESOME Haymitch. On to reality 🙂 The Dr. Who Series Series 7 Official trailer was released by BBC America and we get a glimpse of Ben! 2012 is shaping up good for him with the upcoming release of Bad Kids Go To Hell and Dr. Who for starters! I don’t know that I fully buy into studios actually watching things like IMDB,com’s starmeter or Facebook “Like”s but it only takes a second to visit Ben’s page .

  I get alot of visitors from Australia and would love to hear from any of you who see Ben in Adelaide next weekend !