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8 December

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Let Paramount know you want to see Ben in Naught For Hire ! Send a letter or postcard to:

Ms Amy Powell, Executive Vice President Chief Digital Officer
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Av
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3112

Be sure and let them know if you have watched a webseries  and enjoy the format! The industry is still behind on tech.

27 July

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All along I have been onboard with Ben doing Naught For Hire. I like the project and felt with Ben as an executive producer the story would not lose it’s uniqueness in the transition to screen. A couple of thing have made me even more confident the project will be made.  A friend from another fandom with an industry background says webseries are going to be the next big  thing. Another industry friend (writer) made a similar comment. SyFy’s Mercury Men is sleek . Bryan Singer’s(yes THAT Bryan Singer) upcoming H+ looks intriguing to me. The idea of episodes that are 5 – 7 minutes seem not worth the time but am finding I like them—-they bring back the feeling of anticipation I haven’t felt since I was a kid watching Lost In Space with the To Be Continued ending. The plus is now I think we can assume a dvd will released quickly after the last ep is broadcast 🙂 At the Polaris Convention in Toronto recently Ben told a group of us he hopes Naught for Hire will be filmed in the next 6 months. as Ben fans we are looking at a good year coming up!